Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Massachusetts Alternative Dispute Resolution

Members of Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney have been requested by courts and private parties to assist in alternative dispute resolution as arbitrators and mediators are available to assist in such alternative dispute resolution for a variety of matters that may be affecting you or your clients.

Fully aware that litigation is not the only way to successfully resolve issues, we offer our services as mediators and arbitrators to parties engaged in disputes.

Our attorneys are seasoned litigators. We have the skills necessary to evaluate and assess a broad range of cases in the role of mediator and arbitrator.

Based upon our extensive trial experience, we are in a unique position to effectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ case, as well as find points of agreement in even the most aggressively-fought disputes. Our services are sought by both plaintiffs and defendants who seek an impartial, knowledgeable and mediator to hear their case outside of the courtroom.

Arbitration Services
The members of Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney are available to serve as arbitrators in a wide range of matters. Binding arbitration can often be a less-expensive and more time-efficient way to resolve disputes. Arbitrations are less formal than courtroom trials, and we serve as the judge, evaluating evidence, arguments and written memoranda before issuing a binding opinion that resolves many or all issues. Some parties come to us to arbitrate entire matters, some other parties use our services in a limited capacity to decide just a few points prior to or after litigation. Regardless of the utilization being sought, our experienced attorneys arbitrate fairly, confidently and in compliance will all applicable rules set forth by the American Arbitration Association.

Contact Us Regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution
To speak with Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney about alternative dispute resolution, please contact our Boston law office by calling (617) 227-3240.

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