Asbestos & Toxic Tort Practice

Asbestos & Toxic Tort Practice

Asbestos & Toxic Tort

In the constantly changing environment of toxic tort and asbestos litigation, Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney attorneys provide results-driven, cost-effective legal services to defendants by crafting creative, practical solutions to a company’s litigation. Each case is unique, and thus Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney attorneys take a case-by-case approach while remaining cognizant of the need to minimize future litigation risk and safeguarding the value of clients. We have defended cases involving a wide range of chemicals, solvents, resins, paints, construction products, joint compounds and wall boards, roofing materials, floor tiles, refractory products, boilers, brakes and other automobile components, refineries, shipyards, and industrial and chemical premises. We have an in-depth understanding of regulations, industry standards, state-of-the art defenses, industrial hygiene defenses, medical defenses and experts employed in these matters.

Our resources include excellent litigation and trial support that enable us to efficiently tailor a company’s defense. Our litigation and trial support staff includes paralegals with expertise in document review and discovery, and a medical consultant experienced in analyzing the medical aspects of the defense of our cases. Whether strategically it is best to negotiate or try a case, we pride ourselves on achieving the best outcome for our clients.

We have experience throughout New England and nationwide in defending companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, small family businesses and not-for-profit companies in asbestos and toxic tort cases. We have been appointed as national coordinating counsel by numerous corporations and insurers. In that role, we routinely craft client-tailored national discovery and trial strategy, including the development of corporate and expert witnesses.

MMM&K has obtained more than 100 jury trial verdicts in favor of our clients.
Our partners combine more than 250 years
of collective litigation experience.