Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation

Martin, Magnuson, McCarthy & Kenney has significant experience in investigating, analyzing and presenting or defending construction claims of all types.  Our firm represents construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, vendors, construction materials manufacturers, architects and engineers.  MMM&K attorneys represent clients in all aspects of construction-related litigation, including construction and design defects, property damage, personal injury and products liability.  The types of claims typically at issue include negligence, breach of contract, contribution, common law and contractual indemnity, and breach of warranty.

We draw from our experience, national in scope, in product liability matters to defend building envelope and water intrusions claims that often involve product-based installation claims.

MMM&K attorneys understand the complexity of construction design concepts, construction methods, and insurance coverage.  Our goal is to aggressively explore all available defenses and build cost effective strategies to assess and reduce any liability.  We work with construction and environmental experts to determine the sources and causes of the construction claim and provide realistic valuations of the cases.  Our attorneys also advise clients on the potential risks in construction contracts and ensure compliance with applicable federal and state regulations and standards.


MMM&K has obtained more than 100 jury trial verdicts in favor of our clients.
Our partners combine more than 250 years
of collective litigation experience.